To Establish India’s First State Private Women’s University by Dr. Panckaj Garg

“Youngest Founder of a University” Declared by India Book of Records

Name- Dr. Panckaj Garg
Date of Birth- 22nd July, 1973
Contact No- +919784011295
Designation- Founder & Advisor,
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur

In year 2005, the idea of establishing India's First State Private Women's University stuck in my mind. The idea was “You might not be able to change the world, but you can initiate a change in someone’s world by supporting them.” I was aware of the ennobling qualities of education and wanted to use it as a tool to help women reach to dignified positions in the society especially women who belongs to Rural Community. earlier there were huge need of intervention in one most sector of society. a sector/ segment in which not everyone was interested to work by concisely. The segment was “Recognition to Women Power ”.

I was not very fond of studies, but have good leadership skills, because I myself was a student leader, actively involved in student politics during college time, my Strong determination and passion to serve society made possible for me to establish a Women Education institution to cope with social issues because Social institutions have a deep bearing on the role and status of women. My dream took shape in 2008 as Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur established by State Government amidst rural setting with a commitment to the daughters of the Nation that through the multi faceted education which is a blend of value education and modern prospects they will stand out in the world beyond campus as a self-confident, skilled individual, sensitive to moral character and become a better daughter, sister, wife and mother and most important a Recognized Woman of the Nation.

In year 2012, my efforts were recognized by India Book of Records as i was awarded “Youngest Founder of a University”.

Prior to inception of Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University no such State Private Women's University existed, as it takes immense courage and investment to establish such an institute. It had been the subject of skepticism due to my rare ideology to prepare identified highly safe, secure, mobile Free, disciplined environment for the students. My Success stories are direct reflection of the achievements of my students who are changing the lives of others in multifaceted fields.

'Recognition to Woman Power' My greatest success can be counted in one way, because more than 80% of the key positions are handled and managed very efficiently by Women administrators since the inception of the university. I had the basic idea in mind before the establishment of University. A women's University should have a basic principle that to lead by a Woman not a man. so i am serving my duties as a Founder & Advisor of the University.

'Identified as a Unique Entity' by delivering a self-confident, skilled, disciplined, non addicted to mobile phone & sensitive to moral character Woman to the Nation through inculcating University Mission Courses- as a Compulsory curriculum of the University namely, Women's Rights And Law, Self Defence, Help Aid, Yoga & Meditation, Gender Sensitization & My Behavior & Ethics.

Community Development- With a Vision & Mission "Education for Community Development Leading to Women Empowerment' We began to implement our efforts in nearby Rural Community through community development activities for mapping the need of nearby Rural Areas & Practical exposure of curricula.

Village Adoption : By Adopting University surrounding 5 villages, help us to execute village development Plan which serve Health, Education & Agriculture mentorship to each and every home & schools in nearby villages which resulting in higher standard of living & sustainable livelihood. With the establishment of Bank, Post Office, Hospitals, Community Radio Station & other basic amenities for general public marked for upliftment of nearby community.

Employment Generation: My idea of serving Society has been fulfilled in many ways after Establishment of University as it empowered me to think, power to decide & execute it. In order to make contribution for the Development of the nearby Villages, District and State Women’s respectively, reservation policy in recruitment on all the posts was implemented since past 11 years. 60 % posts are reserved for the reserved categories who are residing within 20 Kms of radius of University surrounding villages & 30% posts are reserved for Women, having Domicile in Rajasthan.

Prevent Dropout Ratio: To Encourage local girl's aspirants for higher education and to prevent dropouts, 25 % intake reserved in each program with maximum possible subsidized fee structure as compared to general seats for local community so that maximum numbers of girls may get enrolled in professional & Technical Programs.

Best Green Practices: By recycling almost all the waste material, By use of solar energy and installation of rain harvesting technique we are successful to recharge the groundwater .

Last but not the least my greatest accomplishments till date is that my students are showing their talents, skills and experiences across sectors and verticals of the economy and setting an example for the society.

I feel immense pleasure to share that, I hold pride of being a successful Entrepreneur by Establishing a Single Women University in the World, that deliverers versatile Woman Professionals to the Nation including Doctors, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Optometrist, Radio Technologist, Medical Lab Technologist, Engineers, Lawyer/Judge, Journalist, Teacher, Designer, Scientist, Agriculture Experts, Corporate Experts & Young Entrepreneurs mean All Professionals from different disciplines are taking shape under single roof to serve the society.

My Ideology states that 'Success is a goal that constantly changes with time and reaches its goal like a long journey' as truly said by an Author When we reach certain milestones that is an element of success. But we don’t stop there. We push higher and harder, striving for more and to bet better and that is actual success is.”


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